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The Hurricane - 4 Silipints

The Hurricane - 4 Silipints

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Silipints are shiny, glossy, glass-like, buffed. Whatever you call it, the 12-ounce Rocks Glass is flawless. With a sturdy, rounded-out base and tapered upper walls, this cylindrical design mimics the old-fashioned rocks glass but is useful for hot drinks too. The sophistication of this 12 oz Rocks Glass will do right with mojitos, Cuba Libres, and strawberry daiquiris. Great for the pool or take to the beach!

Made from Silicone, Silipints are safe for the microwave, dishwasher, freezer & more. They can hold hot & cold beverages. Avoid spills with the insane no-slip base. Silipints will not break, crack, chip, dent, fade or scratch.

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